Free audiobooks all summer.

I love books.  It is bordering on an addiction.  If I go into a bookstore, guaranteed I walk out with at least $40 in books.  Whether it is a used book store or a big name retailer, it is the same thing.  Money, money, money.  That’s why I was so excited when a friend shared the link for audio book sync with me.  They have paired a young adult novel with a classic, and have offered it for free.  Yeah, absolutely free. Two books for free is like $25 back in my pocket.  I love that they are highlighting classics paired with contemporary young adult.  Teenagers will read, but they have to believe that it is worthwhile and not boring.  That’s where the young adult novels come in.  They are written specifically to be page turners, which excites adolescents.  After they finish, many times they want to know what to read next.  This is where there is a huge moment of opportunity.  Recommend a thematically linked classic novel.  Use the contemporary fiction as a gateway to the classical canon and challenging text.  Thank you audiobooksync for offering this list and these free books.

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  • Laur

    Thank you for posting this. Becoming acquainted with audio books has been on my to do list. Your post was a great trigger and to think I’m getting free books. Can’t wait to get started listening.

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