Inquiry Day 2014

For our Inquiry Day 2014 we decided to bring in Meenoo Rami, author of Thrive: 5 Ways to (Re)Invirgorate Your Teaching. We met at Hebron High School 9th Grade Center in Lewisville ISD.

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Inquiry Day Flyer 2014

For this Inquiry Day we also made our first attempt at Ignite Sessions, a type of conference session where each presenter has only five minutes to present their topic. These were our Inquiryn’ Ignite Presentations.

Ignite Sessions

Ignite Sessions

We then broke into groups and shared our inquiry topics on apprenticeship/modeling, authenticity, empathy/community, inquiry, re-visioning, deep content learning, and dialogue. Here are a few sample inquiries presented during these sessions:

How do teachers align their instruction to meet the needs of tech savvy middle school ESL students? Cheiko Hoki

How do I guide conversations to encourage student growth without doing the work for them or squashing the young writer’s voice or desire to write? Kelly Mogk

How can I improve my integration of PBL with dual credit courses? Molly Adams

How do I reach my African American males? Kip Nettles

How does early and sustained intensive literacy instruction affect students with emotional disturbance? Polly Vaughan

Thanks to all NSTWP Teacher Consultants who presented and to all teachers who attended and made it a great day!