We build powerful writers by building networks of empowered teachers.

We are a diverse group of accredited literacy leaders who promote the advancement of writing instruction through active participation of engaged learners to create accomplished writers. Because we are not satisfied with the status quo, our participation in continuous professional development and continuity help us maintain high quality teaching and learning opportunities which aid us in impacting educators and students.

What is our focus?

  • Our focus is to build and sustain a community of empowered educators that in turn empower their students. In our professional community, teachers teach teachers in a reflective, inquiry-based dialogue that leads to a revisioning of our classroom practices. We do this so we can replicate this community in our classrooms to engage our learners through modeling and authentic tasks.

What is our hope for the future?

  • Our hope is that all educators make the connection between personal experience as a writer and successful writing instruction — ultimately creating an environment in which all students become reflective and skilled writers.

What do we do?

  • We empower teachers through professional learning opportunities that range from one day meetings to month long institutes. As teachers inquire, dialogue, and write in a community, they find their voices and the confidence to follow their beliefs in the classroom. North Star advocates for authentic writing experiences in and outside of classrooms across North Texas, helping students find their voices and realize the value of writing in their lives.

What is our history?

  • North Star partnered with many north Texas school districts to provide and support individual teachers and to promote and support system change. Our teacher consultants actively participate in state and national organizations through leadership positions, presentations and publications. Since 2003, approximately 130 teacher consultants led 163 programs for nearly 10,000 teachers over 130,000 hours, ultimately touching nearly 1,000,000 Texas students. And that’s just the beginning.