NSTWP created a new award in 2014 to recognize educators who advocate for writing instruction in their schools. This award is called the Leslie Patterson Leadership Award and is named for Dr. Leslie Patterson, retired University of North Texas professor, who continues to advocate for writing instruction in all aspects of her work. This award will be given out at the next TAIR conference, scheduled to be held in September, 2015. Be thinking of an administrator who supports writing instruction to nominate for 2015.

Dr. Patterson accepts

Dr. Leslie Patterson

NWP traditionally spends time during their Spring conference, held in Washington DC, advocating for writing. Check out events from the Spring 2014 meeting here.

If you are interested in contacting your state representative, here are some sites that will help you find the representative or senator for your area and their contact information – Who represents me?

Here is how to find out your US representative and senator and their contact information.

Here are some ideas for letters you may want to send to your representative or senator:

  • restoring funding to NWP
  • class size reduction for writing teachers
  • increasing planning time for writing teachers
  • supporting writing in all grades and content areas
  • increasing funding for pre-school/early literacy interventions
  • increasing funding for ongoing interventions for readers and writers