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Finding True North:  Acceleration Camps for Student Writers

Not your same ‘ole tutorials.

Here’s what teachers are saying about it (note the exclamation points):

“I wish we could have done this earlier in the year. I thoroughly enjoyed the experience. I like that this is bringing authentic writing back into the writing experience!”

“It was a great training–helpful and applicable. Thank you so much!”

“In my role as assistant principal helping the English department, I feel all the information presented was valuable and will help guide us in preparing students for the STAAR. I would like further communication and updates! Thanks so much!”

“This was very helpful and informative. I really loved doing the activity with the note cards. This can help my students write more and feel more comfortable putting their ideas on paper!”

“I loved everything we did today, and I think the students will also!”

“Today I was up out of my chair and using different tools to celebrate my thoughts as I wrote and shared. I would like to share similar experiences with my students.”

You got writing problems? We’ve got writing answers.

Watch the video to see the NSTWP beliefs about student writing.