Exit Slips

Using Exit Slips
adapted from ReadWriteThink.org

1. Choose a key concept from your lesson to be the topic of your exit slip.

2. At the end of class post the prompt for students to respond to.

3. Hand out slips of paper, post-it notes, or notecards for students to write on.

4. As students leave the room collect their exit slips.

5. Shortly after the end of class read the responses on the exit slips and determine how the answers can impact your next lessons.

There are many ways to organize exit slips. Here is one example using post-it notes from teach-from-the-heart.blogspot.com.



Generic Exit Slips

What are the three most important things you learned in class today?

One a scale of 1-5 (one being not confident) how confident are you about the material we covered today? What part was challenging?

How does what we learned today connect to something outside of the classroom?

What is something we talked about that you would like to know more about?\

Today I learned… Tomorrow I need…

One thing I learned… One question I still have… One important thing to remember…

Choose one word from today’s lesson. Why did you choose that word?



Exit Slips from ReadWriteThink.org by: Cathy Allen Simon and Patrick Striegel

Printable Exit Slips from ReadWriteThink.org

Ideas for Exit Slips on Pinterest

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